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Re: Sudo question

* martin f krafft (madduck@debian.org) [050708 02:23]:
> also sprach Johann Spies <jspies@sun.ac.za> [2005.07.08.1057 +0200]:
> > How is it possible that I can enable this user not only to run
> > programs from this directory, but to kill the process he started when
> > necessary using SUDO - without enabling him to kill any process on the
> > machine.
> The only way to do this is to write a script which ensures that the
> PID is within the range of allowed PIDs, and then to give sudo
> access to the script. Beware that it's easy to make mistakes in
> scripts which could allow the user to gain root rights.

For this particular task, it sounds like you could use pkill -x instead
of writing a custom script.

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