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Where is the security announcement?

So Debian has had (and continues to have) problems with the security
archive. This has been widely publicised, giving the world a rather
shameful image of our projecti and produce. Ignoring the causes of
the problems, which undoubtedly need to be fixed ASAP, no
announcement whatsoever has been sent to our users, nor has there
been any mention of the problem in the Debian News or other official

This is an unacceptable state of affairs in which it seems that
Debian does not acknowledge but instead tries to hide problems from
its users. Worse yet, it's being naive about it, since basically
everyone knows already.

I am writing this email to strongly urge those with the abilities to
send an announcement with details on the situation *immediately*. If
help is needed in creating this announcement, please do not hesitate
to contact me.

Please do not let Debian's image be tainted more. We've already
given the professional world enough of a reason to abandon ship and
laugh at us.

PS: the random quote generator seems to be able to establish
semantic context at last!

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