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Re: Bad press related to (missing) Debian security - action

Alvin Oga schrieb am Wednesday, den 29. June 2005:

> On Wed, 29 Jun 2005, Micah Anderson wrote:
> > > i think you can search thru the debian security archives just as
> > > easily as i can or in fact even more easily since yu have a debian acct ??
> > 
> > Did you read the email that I referenced? It doesn't sound like you
> > did. 
> this is precisely why volunteers disappear

I'm sorry I dont understand. Volunteers disappear because they read a
message detailing how to volunteer and then don't follow those
directions and then disappear? If someone wants to volunteer, then
they need to do the things that are detailed about how to get
involved, otherwise they are disappearing themselves.

I do not understand, the directions are clear, and I reproduce them
and the referenced URLs below:

Any with a interest in participating are welcome to join the team,
Debian Developers and others with the skills and desire to help. The
team can be contacted through its mailing list[14]. There is a second
mailing list[15] that receives commit messages to our repository. An
alioth project page[1] is also available. Have a read of this
message[16] if you are interested in participating, the details are
there about how to start helping check CANs on a regular basis.


I note that there is no message from you found on the
secure-testing-team mailing list. I am unable to find your alioth
account, did you sign up for one? Did you email the secure-testing
alioth project administrator to be added to the project? Did you check
out the svn repository? 

> of course i read it ... the first yime you posted and the 2nd time when
> you sent the same url again .. multiple times for "how to volunteer"

Please, where in the details about how to volunteer did you get stuck
so we can improve them? 

> somehow, magically, volunteers can become overnight experts
> and no handholding is needed at all or who is doing what

You do not need to be an expert, but you do need to be able to follow
directions that are detailed for you, if directions do not make sense,
ask and they will be cleared up. How magic do you want the process?

> i think there has been enough about emails in here.. and since no
> proactive direction is being made, i think i'll bow out of volunteering 
> again .. but will gladly help later when things are more organized and
> its clear what the benefits of volunteering hundred of hrs/month would be

The benefits of volunteering are also detailed in that email. What
sort of proactive direction are you expecting? I think you have it
backwards, the proactivity needs to come from you. You are right that
the group is still in its infancy in terms of being organized, but how
do you expect it to become organized? The only way it will become
organized in a volunteer organization is if the volunteers (read: this
can be you), proactively organize it. If you wish to wait until
everyone else has done the work to organize the group, and then you
want to come in and do something you may find that the group is
organized a way that you do not like and you will regret that you did
not help organize it the way you like.


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