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Re: handling private keys

Radu Spineanu wrote on 28/06/2005 21:41:
> Radu Spineanu wrote:

>>In case anyone has some experience, is it hard to write such a symbian
>>application ?
> Being more specific, porting gpg to symbian.
> I noticed an implementation of pgp:
> http://my-symbian.com/9210/applications/applications.php?faq=5&fldAuto=336

Back when SymbianOS was still named EPOC, you had two options to program
for it: OPL (a basic-like language) and C (or was it C++) with an API
which allowed almost anything the device could handle (graphics,
network, file operations, serial I/O), most of what I did was possible
using the standard methods you would also use on Linux. I'm not 100%
sure what prerequisites gpg needs, but I would say that porting should
not be too difficult, at least for someone who is relatively used to
programming for SymbianOS/EPOC.

Anyway, for the kind of use you would like to put your smartphone to,
you also need some interface for the host application to contact the
smartphone by and to transmit the data in both directions, some UI on
the smartphone to present the data to you (which would need to be smart
enough to handle at least some of the more common data types) etc....

I would definately like to see such a thing happen, but it probably
would take a skilled programmer several weeks to come up with a half-way
usable prototype and probably several months to get close to a
releasable state (given only one programmer working in his spare time
that is).


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