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Re: using sarge on production machines

> > Nobody is using Sarge? Am I the only one running Sarge on Servers?
> > why? thats what I get to hear...
> > no one uses sarge for important things?
> Running unreleased software on production systems is a touchy issue.
> Most system administrators simply won't admit it.

Um... yes it would be hard to admit it.

IF, I had, say late last year heard that Sarge was going stable REAL SOON,
and was trying to decide if I was going to go through the hoops being
described, or just do an early upgrade, since there WAS at the time a
working security repository for sarge, I might have, Hypothetically, moved
some of my production systems to Testing. If that had occurred, I might be
able to tell you that things have gone relativly painlessly and safely.
But as was pointed out earlier, doing something like that IS kind of iffy,
so of course, I couldn't do such a thing...

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