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Re: using sarge on production machines

* kurt kuene:

>>From time to time, there was quite a lot of significant breakage
>>(especially when we weren't as close to the release as we are now),
>>but as I didn't have to fulfill any SLAs, it was typically no big deal
>>to sort out the issues when they arose.
> so you think unstable with an eye on problems is still better than
> testing? I don't know.

If you know what you are doing, it seems to be less work.

>>(especially when we weren't as close to the release as we are now)

> close to the release?

Yes.  Otherwise, we would have had transitions to GCC 3.4 and libc
2.3.4 in the meantime, which would have had at least some impact on
the stability of sid.

> if only the security team would start working *sigh*.

The team is ready, it's an infrastructure issue AFAIK.

> Nobody is using Sarge? Am I the only one running Sarge on Servers?
> why? thats what I get to hear...
> no one uses sarge for important things?

Running unreleased software on production systems is a touchy issue.
Most system administrators simply won't admit it.

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