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Re: Compromised system - still ok?

On Sun, 6 Feb 2005, Scott Edwards wrote:

> You'll want to evaluate the time and resources you'll consume, and to
> what end.  Even in high profile cases, you have to do even more work
> to collect the damages awarded.  It's like a triple whammy:
> 1. Your box gets compromised
> 2. You sue them
> 3. And then collect damages

collecting is non trivial .. nor is the process of filing suits

however, if you got the fbi or local computer crime boyz involved, 
they can usually scare the pants off of the crackers, by showing
up on their doorstep and taking away all their toys ( pc, routers )
	- works great across the usa, even if the cracked
	box they came from was offshore, they can trace it
	back to somebody's bedroom or colo

i think the fed's get involved if you can show that cracker
came from the fed's machines :-)  and/or if the damages exceeds
a particular amount, which seems very victim friendly,  which in 
the case of a "security" breach is fairly easy to reach in losses

and more than likely, they're already tracking that cracker

it's best when you can call the fbi (on the phone) and say, they're
back,  trace um "NOW"

c ya

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