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Re: Compromised system - still ok?

You'll want to evaluate the time and resources you'll consume, and to
what end.  Even in high profile cases, you have to do even more work
to collect the damages awarded.  It's like a triple whammy:

1. Your box gets compromised
2. You sue them
3. And then collect damages

You'll quickly loose a case if there is any demonstration of
negligence (that tail between your legs about the backup account -
yea, you know, but didn't act. that's enough negligence to blow the

All my comments are my own.  Don't hesitate to seek professional counsel.


Scott Edwards
Daxal Communications - http://www.daxal.com/

> after small or big cracking, one always have to make time, and
> take more preventative measures vs spending time on forensics
> unless you wanna lock um up :-)
> fun stuff
> c ya
> alvin

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