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Re: help: no suitable connection for peer

> hi, im trying make a test lan with vpn gatway running
> openswan 2.3 with debian woody.
> this is my sample lan:
> Can anybody help me with this connection setup?
> greets
> Rodrigo

Dear Rodrigo,

I think your question is out of scope for this mailing list.
Please check the description of the list at
http://lists.debian.org/debian-security/ .

Your question would be more appropriate for the user's mailing list, or
alternatively try an openswam mailing list.

Should you wish to try different alternatives for setting up your VPN,
check these out: http://www.ontko.com/~nathanst/linux_vpns.html (and
mentions whether or not something is in Debian ).

Regards from your friends,

Roger & google

P.S. List, if I'm mistaken wrt the scope of this list, please correct me.

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