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Re: php vulnerabilities

martin f krafft wrote:
guy behind the repository is not a Debian developer. This simply
means that you cannot trust him the same way you trust Debian
developers, whether about integrity or competence.

In a few words: perhaps he's not Debian Developper (I dont know),
but he's well know in the (french) PHP world, and net/sys-admin
for nexentservices.com. So, competence probably is there.

Trust a DD or trust that guy : it's a personnal choice

If you want same info with more words, read below ;-)


Guillaume Plessis (gui at dotdeb dot org) [1] is sysadmin and network
admin [2] for http://www.nexenservices.com/ which is related to

nexen.net provides french translations [3] for MySQL and PHP doc
since 1999 in collaboration with MySQL AB and php.net.
They also warned [3] about these PHP vulns, and they make me
discover a link to phpsecure [4], a website about PHP (lamp)
security (sorry, in french).

So, even if he's not a Debian Developper, we cant say it's a
stupid guy nobody knows in the PHP world, especially those
who speak french.

[1] Information utilisateur admin

[2] Nexen Services sysadmin

[3] Nexen docs

[4] Alertes sécurité des applications PHP et MySQL

[5] PHPsecure

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