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Re: php vulnerabilities

I use dotdeb.org since 1 year in production webserver ( commercial production )

saravanan ganapathy wrote:

Recently I 've heard about http://www.dotdeb.org/.
They are providing debian packages for php4.3.10. Can I use those packages for production environment?
Plese suggest the best way to secure my php



--- saravanan G <gsaravanan@adventnet.com> wrote:

Hai ,
    I am using php4:4.1.2-7.0.1 on my debian woody.
I have read that there are some vulnerabilities in php <= 4.3.9 as

[01 - pack() - integer overflow leading to heap
bufferoverflow ]
[02 - unpack() - integer overflow leading to heap
info leak ]
[03 - safe_mode_exec_dir bypass in multithreaded PHP
[04 - safe_mode bypass through path truncation ]
[05 - path truncation in realpath() ]
[06 - unserialize() - wrong handling of negative
references ]
[07 - unserialize() - wrong handling of references
to freed data ]

Source url :

How do I secure my php in debian woody?

Please advice me


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