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Re: php vulnerability

* Chad Adlawan:

> Re the PHP bugs announced by the Hardened-PHP Project
> (http://www.hardened-php.net/advisories/012004.txt).

This is very likely not the whole story.  According to the PHP 4.3.10
release announcement, additional bugs were fixed.  The following
vulnerabilities are only mentioned in the 4.3.10 release notes:

CAN-2004-1018 - shmop_write() out of bounds memory write access.
CAN-2004-1020 - addslashes() not escaping \0 correctly.
CAN-2004-1065 - exif_read_data() overflow on long sectionname.
magic_quotes_gpc could lead to one level directory traversal with file uploads.

> Is the php4 package in Debian stable affected?

Not sure.  Upstream's security support seems to be suboptimal.

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