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Re: Recommended firewall package?

On Mon, 2004-11-01 at 07:45 -0800, Potato Chip wrote:
> Is there a recommended firewall package? There seem to be several
> available, but was curious if there was a debian recommended one.
> I currently have a hand-crafted script calling iptables directly.
> Logging is only provided by iptable's -j LOG parameter, which is less
> than ideal.

You could take a look at 'fwbuilder' if you like a graphical GUI
(much like a tiny version of the CheckPoint firewall GUI).

Probably your hand-crafted iptable script is fine. Unless you need
to secure large networks and just have up to 100 rules that should
be enough.

The iptable's "-j LOG" target is the common way to do it. Just create
a logging chain and use that as a target. Example:

# create a "log+drop" chain
$IPT -N logdrop
$IPT -A logdrop -j LOG --log-level info --log-prefix "drop-in: "
$IPT -A logdrop -j DROP

# log+drop incoming port 445 traffic
$IPT -A INPUT -i eth1 --dport 445 -j logdrop


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