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Re: upgrading sendmail package when postfix installed

On Mon, Oct 11, 2004 at 12:46:01PM +0200, LeVA wrote:

> I have installed postfix from sources a while ago, and now there is a 
> security update fro sendmail. As you probably know, I can not remove 
> the sendmail package (although I'm not using it), because it would 
> remove apache and many other packages wich are depending on a MTA. So 
> can I "fake" the sendmail installation, so apt-get would see that 
> sendmail has been upgraded, or do I have upgrade sendmail (for security 
> reasons) and then re-install postfix all over again?

  Put the sendmail package on hold, so that it is no longer upgraded
 or touched by apt at all.

  Just be sure that you never cause it to be run.

  The reference manual has an example of how to do this, or google will

  I had to do this on one system to stop exim from being updated, even
 though it's running qmail.


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