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Re: Providing secure file access on a colo-server

On Fri, Oct 08, 2004 at 12:44:13PM +0100, Marcus Williams wrote:
> On 08/10/2004, Roger Sels wrote:
> > I'd recommend sticking to scp, as you can give your users winscp.
> > Its interface resembles major ftp clients out there and is very
> > intuitive, so they should not have any issues using it.
> Yeah, the only problem with this is Frontpage doesnt support sftp and
> the users that use Frontpage might not be willing to have that extra
> step involved (publish to local drive -> drag to winscp). Not that
> they'll have the choice in the end :)
> Thanks
> Marcus

If changing web development software is an option, recent versions of
Dreamweaver (MX) have built in scp/sftp functionality:

    Note the "Important:" comment

I've had good success with users on Max OSX and Dreamweaver uploading files
via ssh/scp/sftp to web servers.

good luck,

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