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Re: telnetd vulnerability from BUGTRAQ

* Jose Luis Domingo Lopez (debian-security@24x7linux.com) wrote:
> On Saturday, 25 September 2004, at 10:34:43 -0500,
> hanasaki wrote:
> > When IPSEC is being used, telnet works the same; however is secure 
> > because it, like all traffic, is sent over a transparent tunnel.
> > 
> But an IPsec tunnel encrypts traffic just between the tunnel endpoints.

Erm, IPSEC is actually intended to be implemented on *every* machine,
not just used for tunnels.

> But this need not to be the full path between the telnet client and
> server, so anyone sniffing (for example) on your destination LAN will
> get you usernames and passwords easily.

It doesn't have to be, but I'm sure the original commentor meant it was.
Of course, IPSEC doesn't help if the server is compramised.


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