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Re: Spyware / Adware

I´m not an expert. Just a normal user. But I think Linux is vulnerable like
any other OS. But at this time the risk is not as high as under Windows. In
my opinion it depends on how many people are using one specific OS or
browser. At home I´ve installed both Windows and Linux. And if you configure
your Windows correctly with some afford you can go online with a low risk.
Under Debian the default configuration is more secure than under Windows.
But if you configure it in the wrong way you can change this to unsecure.
The biggest mistake users can make is that you´re working as root
(Administrator under Windows).
Take a look at Debian. I´ve installed it again 3 month ago because I had
trouble with SuSE. I like it. And soon there will be a newer version of

To protect you computer (Windows or Linux):

install an configure :) a firewall
install latest securitypatches
don´t work as root (Administrator)
under Windows: don't use IE and install a up to date virusscanner

have a nice week

> Security,
> I just purchased Debian Linux for my home PC and waiting for the CD's to
> arrive this week.  I'm looking forward to installing so I can eventually
> divorce myself from Microsoft Windows.
> I've had more calls in the last few weeks from friends and relatives
> regarding SpyWare and Adware that was downloaded and running on their
> Windows PC's.
> Is Linux vulnerable to these unwanted downloads and if so, how do I
> protect Linux so I don't have a similar issue?
> Thanks
> Please reply to all so your answer gets sent to my personal email
> address.
> Dave Snyder
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