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Re: apt 0.6 and how it does *not* solve the problem

also sprach Thomas Bushnell BSG <tb@becket.net> [2004.08.24.0312 +0200]:
> But how does this "false sense" cause a problem?  For example, if
> users regularly scanned all the source code on their system, and
> this would cause them to stop doing so, then the false sense would
> be a problem!  

I see that I am a little off with the false sense of security.
I just had many a user tell me that package signatures solves all
problems and insures that no trojans can be distributed. And this is
a belief that I think needs to be addressed at the same time as
introducing package signatures.

> Please don't speak of "the issue".  There are many issues,

True enough.

> and why I object to your "do nothing" proposal, as that it seems
> to me that you are saying we should solve any of these issues
> until we can solve them all.  This attitude is facilitated by
> treating it as "the issue", which isn't solved (in your mind)
> unless it is solved in its entirety.

Also, true.

> Instead, think about it as many different issues.  We can solve
> one of them, and thus make progress, without necessarily having
> solved every one.

I mainly wanted to bring the "issue" up for disucssion.
Unfortunately, I am really unable these days to instantiate

> The logical conclusion from your arguments is that we should
> actually remove the ssh package from Debian!

How so?

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