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Re: apt 0.6 and how it does *not* solve the problem

* martin f. krafft:

> I've been giving APT 0.6 a lot of thought lately and have come to
> the conclusion that it is a whole lot of snake oil in the context of
> the Debian project as we have it. Bear with me for a second... I am
> not about to take the piss out of the APT 0.6 people, who have done
> an outstanding job. The problem is deeper...

Yes, it is.  Basically, using Debian is an exercise in trust. 8-)

I don't think there is anything that can be done about it at the
current stage of technology.  Sure, some things could be improved, but
there are very hard, unresolved questions, such as proving the
integrity of build daemons to Debian users.

By changing its structure, Debian could provide a closely guarded base
system, but if we look at free operating system projects that follow
this model, I think it's clear that most users (read: the overwhelming
majority) cannot restrict their software needs to that base systems.
That's why it's not clear that such a model is actually a win.

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