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NTP servers


I'm interested in setting up an NTP server on a debian machine with security in mind, but from my lookings at the official NTP server (www.ntp.org), the daemon which serves time also updates the local clock, and hence has to have permission to do so.

I'm looking for a software package that provides:

- An NTP server (to serve time to NTP clients) that I can run as a non-priveleged user, chrooted.  

- An NTP client, that will keep the clock of the computer doing the NTP serving up to date.

Has anyone seen something along these lines?  I've searched around with google, but the only things I've come up with are the -u switch in ntpd (which doesn't do what I want, it makes the non-priveleged user still update the clock), and djb's clockspeed package, which doesn't do NTP.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  If I have directed this to the wrong forum, I apologize --- please point me in the direction of the right one.


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