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Re: pgp in Debian: obsolete?

* Arthur de Jong:

>> In short, better package the IDEA module for GnuPG...
> I did some work on this sometime ago, based on a previous package. The
> work is here:
> http://tiefighter.et.tudelft.nl/~arthur/gnupg-idea/
> It is sort of an source-based installer. You get the source, when building
> the package it downloads the source and creates a binary package. The
> source file idea.c is however not DFSG free because the copyrights notice
> forbids distribution in ceirtain coutries (and that is apart from the
> patent issue).

There are versions of idea.c for GnuPG which haven't got such
restrictions.  (The patent problem is unrelated and still applies, of

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