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Re: pgp in Debian: obsolete?

Quoting Dale Amon (amon@vnl.com):

> On Thu, Aug 05, 2004 at 06:51:22PM +0100, Ian Beckwith wrote:
> > If there is a demand for it, is there any reason I shouldn't upgrade
> > to the package to the latest pgp? (6.5.8 I believe, assuming the
> > international pgp restrictions no longer apply).
> Keep in mind people may have encrypted files and email
> archived. The means of accessing archive data should
> be considered to be at least as immortal as the data
> itself.

Aren't GnuPG's decryption/verification features a superset of those in
PGPi 5.0?  That's not a rhetorical question:  I've been telling people
that for years in a good faith effort at accuracy, and so will
appreciate any corrections.

(I mean no disrespect to Ståle Schumacher Ytteborg or others who gave us
PGPi 5.0, which was extremely useful before GnuPG and the OpenPGP RFCs.)

Speaking from slightly rusty recollection of the issues on Ian's
original question, 6.5.8 is indeed the latest PGPi version for Unix, and 
I can't see any reason in the tarball why upgrading the package wouldn't
be a good thing (but it'd be nice if NAI decided they liked Changelogs).

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