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Re: [d-security] Re: [SECURITY] [DSA 532-1] New libapache-mod-ssl packages fix multiple vulnerabilities

> * elijah wright <elw@stderr.org> [040727 19:40]:
> > and it probably would have been fine, if you'd been running a stock
> > config.
> If things only have to be fine when using a stock config, why not
> abolish all those limiting rules about /etc and just disallow the use to
> cope with it directly and keep it under total control of the packaging
> system and some configuration managment like some YaST ported to Debian?

i guess you must have missed the part about it being a non-package version
of apache being broken by debian's package system touching its config

> > with great power comes great responsibility (for your customized
> > servers
> >
> > in general i don't like the thought of funky hacks being added to
> > packages just to avoid stomping all over someone else's custom setup.
> Hallo? This is Debian. Changing a configuration file is proper and
> intended use of the system. Making such things break is the worst thing
> after remote root exploits and deleting arbitrary data in my eyes. And I
> think in many other people's eyes, who choose Debian.

a red herring.  blaming the package system for breaking someone's
not-controlled-by-thepackage-system tweaks is stupid.


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