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binutils w PaX Vs binutils w SSP

PaX support in binutils and SSP compiled packages are two very nice 
things to have. The problem at this moment is that you cant have
both at the same time at this moment. 

Using for example Steve Kemp's GCC w SSP[1], binutils comes compiled with
SSP. If you then installs Petersen's binutils with PaX patch[2] Kemp's
version of binutils gets uninstalled.

This isn't odd, but it's pretty annoying because, imo, both PaX and SSP
should be pretty much standard.

Setting up a third repository seemd kind of ridiculous only to provide
these packages with both SSP and PaX, so is there any plans to coordinate this 
kind of things and set up a centralized repository for patches like SSP
and PaX?


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