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binutils + PaX patch for Debian SID

Hi all,

I've done new binutils with PaX patch for Debian SID (unstable) usage.


deb http://debian.linux-systeme.com      sid      main
deb-src http://debian.linux-systeme.com  sid      main

to your sources.list, run apt-get update, apt-get upgrade.

Have fun. I hope someone need this as I do :-)

P.S.: ATM there are x86 packages only, but if you have non-x86 machines, get 
the source, build it and I'll upload it to that location for non-x86.

Next on my todo is newest libc which works with NOVSYSCALL from PaX. I don't 
want to wait another 2 years for Debian to fix that up :p

ciao, Marc

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