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Re: Cite for print-to-postscript exploit in Mozilla?

* Steve Wray <stevew@catalyst.net.nz> [040712 22:13]:
> I discovered that I had to unpack a .jar file, edit files inside it and 
> then pack it up again; the 'config files' under /etc just arn't enough.

I think you do not have to repack them. At least startup-page works
via getting a region.properties files from some .jar, placing it
in /etc/mozilla-firefox (after changing some values in it) and setting a 
pref("browser.startup.homepage", "file://localhost/etc/mozilla-firefox/region.properties");
in one of the pref-files.

	Bernhard R. Link
<Jim_Button> nobody ever says "yeah, most people agree with me, but the silent
+majority probably doesn't", i wonder why...

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