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Re: Unusual spam recently - hummm

On Thu, 03 Jun 2004 at 04:10:30PM -0400, s. keeling wrote:
> > I don't use spamassisin, just bogofilter.  Here is my relevant
> > procmailrc snippet...
> Downloading it now, thanks.  Hopefully this gets me back to a
> maintainable system without all the exception handling, whitelisting,
> false positives & etc.

Let me warn you.  Bogofilter requires training a database.  You may not
get accurate results for the first few weeks or a month+ (depending on
your spam volume and your ham volume).  It would be great if you have a
handful of a few hundred spam messages and a few hundred ham messages to
shoot at it right away.  use cat to pipe the messages/MBOX files through
bogofilter -n and bogofilter -s.

I would adjust the ~/.bogofilter.cf defaults as well.  Here is mine:

robx        = 0.415000
robs        = 0.010000
min_dev     = 0.100000
ham_cutoff  = 0.500000
spam_cutoff = 0.700000

block_on_subnets  = yes
replace_nonascii_characters = no

spam_header_name  = X-Bogosity
header_format     = %h: %c, tests=bogofilter, spamicity=%p, version=%v
terse_format      = %1.1c %f
log_header_format = %h: %c, spamicity=%p, version=%v
log_update_format = register-%r, %w words, %m messages
spamicity_tags    = Yes, No, Unsure
spamicity_formats = %0.6f, %0.6f

If you are interested I can try bzip2ing my wordlist.db and sending it
to you via http.  Email me off-list if you would like this.  This
database is of coursed tuned to MY spam preferences.  I have found it
very reliable (for me).

Phillip Hofmeister

wget -O - http://www.zionlth.org/~plhofmei/key.asc | gpg --import

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