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Re: downgrade to stable

Hi Clive,

My only concern was the release schedule of sarge. Since this will be a production server, I would prefer to run a stable debian release. Well, I was more than happy to read Colin's latest posting on debian-devel-announce. I think I will keep the current installation, following your advice ;-) .

Anyway, this was not for nothing. Thanks to Maurizio, I discovered the /etc/apt/preferences file.


On 29/03/04 18:33, Clive Menzies wrote:

On (29/03/04 16:54), Costas Magkos wrote:
Hi debian people,

Is there a way to downgrade to stable, after having apt-get dist-upgrade
to testing?


P.S. people of debian-user please CC me.

Costas Magkos

Unless you really know what you are doing this is not advised - problems
will arise with broken dependancies etc.  However, testing (sarge) is
soon to become stable and replace woody.  Time estimates are unclear
currently but if you keep an eye on debian-announce you should see some
news in the next couple of weeks (according to Colin W)

Other than that a full reinstall is recommended but it may be worth
saving some of your more critical conf files etc.  Personally, I've
usually found a reinstall educational and an opportunity to make better
choices when setting up the system.

Good luck ;)


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