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Re: Known vulnerabilities left open in Debian?

Jan Lühr wrote:

Sorry, there was a misunderstanding between Florian and me (in a previous e-mail correspondence). I'd like to cancel my statements about cron - my apologies.

Keep smiling

Ya, right...
Reminds me of typical behavior in another sort of politix.

So, after this useless diversion -- back to the scurrilous article in question, and the collective response to it?

*** FULL-SPECTRUM FIGHTBACK! *********************************
*  No Pasaran!   Support the:                                *
*     Venezuelan, Cuban, Colombian (& other) Revolutions:    *
*  For a Federation of Socialist Republics of the Americas!  *
*  U.N.O.:  Abolish the Security Council;                    *
*              \\\ All Power to the General Assembly!///     *
*  Smash the IMF, World Bank, WTO, Wall St. & City of London!*
*  Defeat U.S./NATO Imperialism:                             *
*                    Support national liberation struggles;  *
*                    in the Mid-East, Africa & elsewhere!    *
*   World-Wide General & Rotating National Strikes.          *
*   Rotating Student & Worker Walkouts.                      *
*   [Your Ideas Here!]                                       *

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