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Re: Checking what running program are using old libraries

On 18 Mar 2004 at 10:03, Ronny Adsetts wrote:

> Whilst doing security upgrades this morning for openssl, it occurred to me 
> that lots of software that uses the openssl libraries will not automatically 
> get restarted and will therefore still be running with old libraries and 
> therefore be vulnerable. I usually do this by hand for the most obvious 
> programs, but that can often get overlooked or things get missed.
> I remember someone posting a method for locating programs that are running 
> with old libraries, but don't recall where and I can't seem to find the 
> right words whilst invoking google...
> Before I go off and figure it out, does anyway have any scripts or snippets 
> that they use for locating these programs?

Try using command "lsof". Will show you the open files, by which program they are opened and if there status is "deleted" (replaced library). Should help you in this case ...


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