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Re: Need recomendations for https proxy that serves as a firewall proxy

In article <[🔎] 20031231140543.GE4559@nenya.lan> you wrote:
> Maybe have a look at sslwrap+redir, or stunnel, which can run on any 
> machine in your DMZ and forward incoming connections to the internal 
> machine, adding SSL encryption to make it more secure.

There is no need to add SSL encryption, IIS can do that itself. The bigger
problem is, that one wants to filter the HTTP Streams to protect the OWA
Frontend Server. This could be done for example with twhttpd, but I do not
have yet experiences with it.

Unfortunatelly there are not much free HTTP Application Level Gateways (reverse
proxies) out there which do good filtering. (And I am not sure if there are non-free 
which are good, either:). Some are listed on: 


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Project Freefire - http://www.freefire.org/

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