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Re: GnuPG & mutt on Woody 3.0r2.

Incoming from Thomas Sj?gren:
> On Mon, Dec 22, 2003 at 12:35:49PM -0700, s. keeling wrote:
> > > >gpg: Signature made Sun Dec 21 17:50:12 2003 MST using DSA key ID 946886AE
> > > >gpg: BAD signature from "Trey Sizemore <trey@fastmail.fm>"
> > 
> > Now, from the same guy, same key, why do I get "Bad signature?"
> Is there something different about this email compared to the one

It's entirely possible this (or the other one) is a reply via email
whereas this (or the other one) is received via listserve.  If that's
so, then something is mangling the message somewhere between him and
me, and I just have to get used to that (I guess).

> > > Have you already tried another key server? For example wwwkeys.pgp.net?
> > 
> > Tried that this morning.  It failed miserably.  However, pgp.mit.edu
> > works fine.
> pgp.mit.edu and many other PKSd keyservers cant handle multiple subkeys,
> [snip]
>     keyserver.noreply.org

That appears to "work", but what does it say about your key?

gpg: Signature made Mon Dec 22 14:56:32 2003 MST using RSA key ID BBA8F8F5
gpg: requesting key BBA8F8F5 from keyserver.noreply.org ...
gpg: key 114AA85C: invalid subkey binding
gpg: BAD signature from "Thomas Sjogren <thomas@northernsecurity.net>"

"Bad signature"!  "invalid subkey binding"  Aargh!  Someone out there
must have a valid key, but my gpg is failing to accept that fact.

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