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cryptoloop + swraid + cvs problem

Hi all

Every time I do a cvs update on a system where /dev/md6 is mounted as cryptoloop device, the RAID-1 gets out of sync and has to resync; the cvs update freezes. The cvs update does not continue after the sync has finished, it just keeps hanging, but can be terminated with ^C. Has anyone experienced a similar problem, maybe just in combination with cryptoloop and raid and intensive file I/O?

technical info:
md6 is hdc6 and hda6, sw raid 1, both active, no spare.
/var/lib/cvs points to /var/local/share/cvs
/home points to /var/local/share/home
cvs is done as local user with CVS_RSH=ssh and CVSROOT=:ext:hostname:/var/lib/cvs
md6 is mounted on loop0 with -e aes, loop0 mounted on /var/local/share
using mount-2.11z
kernel is 2.4.22 with cryptoloop-source-0.0.0-0.0.1-pre1-9 patch.
P II/333 with 192 MB; mostly sarge packages, some woody, no sid.

Thank you


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