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Sorry to be off toppic,

from my scripts I need packages.debian.org to come back into life.
My mashines are based on libc and perl from Woody, but anything giving service derives from Sid.

Usually I repack about 20/30 Packages a week for my small ISP thing.
It would give me a great garantee, if you could give advice, what to do, until packages.debian.org is back into life.

As far as can see, my security policy inhales everything you adviced for developpers-cleanup since I've touched down for Linux.
(I'm rather keen for a ssh-update, although my accounts were never world-open nor PAM was allowed.)

Just feeling a bit comming short, I've nothing to do since a week, and it starts to make me nervous.

Thanks for you all doing a great job.
I wouldn't be, where I am without you.


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