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Re: iptables - inside accessing outside ip and being bounced back inside

Hanasaki JiJi, 2003-11-29 05:50:12 +0100 :

> i have a firewwall with 2 nics .. its running iptables.   the outside
> nic forwards port 80 to an internal webserver on an internal ip.  this
> works great.  if an internal host hits the external ip.  traffic does
> not go to the internal web server.  if an external host hits the
> external ip traffic goes to the internal web server fine.  what
> iptable rule will fix this?


> Any assistence in writting this rule would be appreciated

That's section 10 "Destination NAT onth the same network" of the
"Linux 2.4 NAT HOWTO", available on http://netfilter.samba.org/ (and
other places).

Roland Mas

Sauvez les castors, plantez des arbres.

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