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iptables - inside accessing outside ip and being bounced back inside

i have a firewwall with 2 nics .. its running iptables. the outside nic forwards port 80 to an internal webserver on an internal ip. this works great. if an internal host hits the external ip. traffic does not go to the internal web server. if an external host hits the external ip traffic goes to the internal web server fine. what iptable rule will fix this?

External Host - ipOutsideHost-1
Firewall NIC - ipOutsideFW
Firewall NIC - ipInsideFW
Internal Host - ipInsideHost-1
Internal Host - ipInsideHTTPServer-1

Rules are setup for the following and work
	 OK - ipInsideHost-1 => ipOutsideHost-1
	 OK - ipOutsideHost-1 => ipOutsideFW
		forwarded to ipInsideHTTPServer-1
The following fails and is what I need a iptables rule for
	FAIL - ipInsideHost-1 => ipOutsideFW
		forward back to ipInsideHTTPServer-1

Any assistence in writting this rule would be appreciated

Thank you.

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