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Re: More hacked servers?

On Tue, Nov 25, 2003 at 03:36:22PM +0100, Marcel Weber wrote:

> By the way: From my time at IBM I know that they have a huge anti hacker /
> cracker task force to defend IBM and it's costumers against attacks.  It
> is some mixture between secret service and battleship galactica. It is not
> surprising that open source projects with lots of internet services
> running are an interesting target. As these projects cannot afford such
> costly countermeasures they have of course a bigger risk for getting
> hacked, resp. compromised.

Big money does not imply big security.  Large corporations with lots of
money to spend on security are compromised all the time.  Obviously, they
aren't as forthcoming about it as Debian due to monetary concerns, but even
those incidents which are publicized are enough to demonstrate this.

 - mdz

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