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Re: Debian servers "hacked"?

Thomas Sjögren wrote:

On Fri, Nov 21, 2003 at 01:27:09PM +0100, Jan Wagner wrote:
Thats ATM unknown. It seems, that nobody (except the bad boys) has access to the boxes. But there are ppl on the way to catch local access. Thats all I heared.

Ok, so there's no manual auditing on services, processes, etc (on a daily
basis) while the servers are running?

You know they will write a full post-mortem when they have all the information. To suggest possible problems without knowing the scope and without reading their write up is premature. Better to ask questions once they feel like they know the answers. :)

To speculate is to do a disservice. Trust the debian security team; they do their job well and you should know that security is never guranteed.


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