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Re: What's the best for VPN?

El dom, 16-11-2003 a las 17:00, Jose Luis Domingo Lopez escribió:
> On Sunday, 16 November 2003, at 13:06:20 +0100,
> Teófilo Ruiz Suárez wrote:
> > Is it possible to use IPsec with that configuration using Opportunistic
> > Encryption?.
> > 
> I don't think that Opportunistic Encryption (OE) is the key here, but
> some way for the "VPN gateway" at your office premises to authenticate
> you wherever you may connect from.
> I think the simplest way to achieve this is to use certificate-based
> authentication, via X5.09 certificates. Set up a Certification Authority
> (CA) on your gateway, issue a cert for your portable computer, and
> instruct your IPsec implementations to authenticate based on this.

That sounds nice, I'll try to experiment a bit.


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