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Re: certificate server (ejbca)

Here comes answers from the main developer Tomas Gustavsson

//Henrik Andreasson

>>If your out to get a larger CA server (works for smaller installations
>>too) check out ejbca, build on Enterprise Java Beans.
>>ejbca.sf.net / http://sourceforge.net/projects/ejbca

> Can you put some numbers on 'larger' do you mean...
>- millions of users?

It's in production on sites with at least tens of thousands of users (on sites that we are aware of).

>- thousands of servers?

Do you mean a cluser of thousands of servers? It's not been tested with that...
JBoss has clustering features though.

>- hundreds of simultaneous sysadmins?

At least many.

>- larger memory footprint 8-)

I wouldn't run a J2EE server with less than 512 MB.

>- bigger budget required

Depends on your support needs, ranging from 0-100 MUSD ;)

>- would be interesting to have someone who actually uses it daily
>  tell us about what's fab and what's not?

All features are available, to use ejbca for example
to embed in another system, good java skills are needed. Normal fetures
are more easily done through shell och web interface.

>- are you a user? can you comment?
It rocks compared to most commercial solutions (and other os as well,
depending on your needs of-course).

>At the moment, company policy precludes J2EE on any server, even the
>CA server, so I would need some powerful arguments even to give it
>a spin...

It's reliable. It's customizeable. It's modern (latest standards). I't s
easy to set up and testdrive. It's user friendly. It's actively
developed. It's cheap. It's embeddable. It's secure (hopefully :). And
it also has a great looking GUI :)
You can also point out that Java is a great language...

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