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Re: logcheck thinks that system is under attack, related to ssl problem?

Pretty exciting... is there any place that we can track the progress
of this? I'm very interested to make an assessment of what is going on
to determine if I should just patch the existing logcheck so that it
stops sending me attack alerts, or if I should wait for this overhaul
to come out.


Steve Kemp schrieb am Tuesday, den 07. October 2003:

> On Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 09:52:59AM +0200, Alain Tesio wrote:
> > I had exactly the same problem, it's because logcheck look for cracking
> > patterns before removing lines which should be ignored, it shouldn't be
> > hard to fix.
>   logcheck is in the middle of a major overhaul by myself and the
>  former maintainer, which is why it looks like much hasn't changed with
>  it for the past few weeks.  Months? :(
>   There's a new project in the process of being finalised using Alioth
>  to host it, and things should start to get better with in quickly once
>  it's up and running.
>   .. right now I'm just waiting for the SVN repository to be created
>  so that the history can be imported.
> Steve
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