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Re: Simple e-mail virus scanner

Kjetil Kjernsmo wrote:
Dear all,

I guess I'm not really looking for a "security solution", but I guess you folks are the most likely to know, so I try here... In the last couple of hours, I've got about 25 100KB of the recent Sobig.f M$ virus, along with about the same number of bogus "there was a virus in an e-mail you sent". It would be really great to be able to filter those out so that I don't need to see them, that is, get them in a folder I can clean out now and then.

But I don't want to run a full-scale virus scanner, because for the time being, I really don't need any, as no e-mail is read on an MS machine here. I figured, most viruses should be able to detect by using simple regexs, right? So, a simple scanner that looks for a number of regexs available from a repository could do the trick...? Or perhaps use something like Vipul's Razor for this kind of stuff...?
So, I'm wondering, does anybody know about any such approach?


You may just want to bite the bullet and install amavisd-new. Even though you're not really worried about the viruses per se, it will filter out the crap. If Sobig.F is any indication, this may become more desirable. You may even just want to install amavis without a virus scanner (and just searching for banned filenames), if an AV program imposes too much of a load on your system.

Amavis also is nice for catching executable files that are so common with current worms (our install actually was catching Sobig.F this way before the AV signatures were updated). If you're not reading email on an MS machine, I'm guessing it's fairly rare for you to recieve legit emails with .pif, .exe, or .bat attachments.

The nice thing is, amavis will do a better job at catching the attachments then some of the ad hoc methods discussed earlier (see the config section on banned filenames). Another plus is that it can be configured to SMTP reject the message, instead of accepting and then bouncing.



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