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Re: Postfix Security Documentation

Quoting Tomasz Papszun <tomek@lodz.tpsa.pl>:
> On Wed, 20 Aug 2003 at 10:55:55 +0200, Sven Riedel wrote:

> > is there any documentation on securing a postfix server readily
> > available? I didn't find anything much at the postfix homepage, nor in
> > the postfix-doc package. 
> > I'd be especially interested in chrooting postfix processes.

> In Debian, postfix is chrooted by default.

Not true. A number of processes are chrooted, but not all. Please look
at /etc/postfix/master.cf (IIRC). This is a standard feature of Postfix.

Sven, do you want to chroot *all* processes? Postfix is supposed to be
secure out of the box (except for programming errors, as we recently
saw :-( ). So improving Postfix security should be done inside of
Postfix. You may want to you the Postfix mailing list (warning: lots
of traffic!) and ask there.

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