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Re: idea for improving security

On Wed, 07/05/2003 07:40 +0200, Hans Spaans wrote:
> On Wed, May 07, 2003 at 01:14:04AM +0200, Tim van Erven wrote:
>> On Tue, 06/05/2003 13:07 -0500, Mark Edgington wrote:
>>> incorporate functionality into inetd/xinetd/rinetd which listens for a 
>>> predefined sequence of connection attempts on certain ports.  Upon noticing 
>>> the correct sequence (as specified somewhere in the config file), it opens 
>>> up certain ports (i.e. SSH) for a specified amount of time or for the next 
>>> connection attempt only.  The parameters which could be set in the config 
>>> file would be:
>>> 1) the "trigger" sequence (an ordered list of port numbers)
>>> 2) the port(s) to make available upon receiving this trigger sequence
>>> 3) whether the ports to be made available are available for a) the next n 
>>> connections only, and/or b) the next n minutes
>>> 3) how long to disable watching for the sequence after an invalid sequence 
>>> has been detected.
>> You could also run a daemon that listens on some port for a password and
>> opens up other ports if it receives the right one, to get the same
>> effect, but much easier to implement.
> How are you going to handle firewalls and stuff? This because you need
> to accept traffic for those ports.

You always need to let the trigger through your firewall.  It's just
easier and less of a custom hack if it's sent on a single port.

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