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Re: [despammed] Re: VPN: SSH or IPSec???

Ed McMan grabbed a keyboard and typed...
> The VPN howto shows how to use ssh to make a true VPN.  It involves
> ppp, not ssh's port forwarding.  Unfortunately, the howto is very
> dated, and it relies on a software package that is very difficult to
> find.

You do not want to do that. Tunnelling PPP over SSH gives you serious
performance hits you have can reduced with other VPN implementations.

Don't get me wrong--SSH is good for a lot of things--just a VPN is
not one of them. I use SSH every day, and even maintain the SSH FAQ
(okay, so it's out-of-date, but Steve and I are working on that), but
I digress..

Here is a link on why PPP over SSH is a bad idea:

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