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Re: VPN: SSH or IPSec???

El Mié 16 Abr 2003 18:43, escribió:
> Servicios Informáticos UGT Galicia <informatica@galicia.ugt.org> writes:
> > Should I use SSH or IPSec to set up my VPN?
> > Which are the drawbacks and advantages of both?
> Can you tell us your requirements?

	I have a 5-site network. Each with a Cable/DSL link. Currently I have a 
Netscreen box on each site. I want to substitute the NS box with Linux boxes 
so I can manage bandwith, set up a firewall and have a configuration which is 
built up on standards.
	I will have "road warriors" accessing through DSL or modems with Win2k 


Felipe Martínez Hermo
Servicios Informáticos
UGT Galicia

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