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Re: multi eth0:x:y with ifconfig...

Am Montag, 17. Februar 2003 17:37 schrieb Benoit Lathiere:
> I'm using the 'ifconfig' command to manage dynamically my intefaces.
> I up and down eth0... but Debian  add some eth0:0:2 !!!
> If I down all my interfaces and reload /etc/network/intefaces (which is
> correct), eth0:x:y are added again !!!
> How to radically "remove" these bad interfaces and restart on a clean
> config.. ??


never had such a strange behavior, although i'm using overlaying privat and 
public ip-adresses with linux and netware machines on some physical networks. 
That looks like eth0:0, eth0:1...  on the linux boxes.

Maybe i could help you, if you'd send me a copy auf your 
/etc/network/interfaces and the output of "ifconfig" (and maybe "route -n" ?) 
with all interfaces up and a second set with all interfaces down.


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