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Re: [personal] securing pop3

you don't have to switch smtp servers to do this

the following link describes a method of setting up virtual domain for exim/imap


I am fairly sure courier-pop uses the same authentication system


Gary MacDougall wrote:
Not sure if you care, but qmail has vpopmail, which is a non-passwd file based authentation method. I've been using qmail now for about 3 years solid, and I have to say its probably the most secure,
fast and reliable e-mail server out there.
Combine qmail with vpopmail and qmailadmin and you've got a very flexible, fast and
secure mail server with good tools for you and your users...

vpopmail allows your to create virtual domains and users without having to account them on your
linux box...


Kristof Goossens wrote:

Hello all,

I need to make a pop3 account on my server. I intend to work with ipop3d to
provide secure pop3 service. Now I want to provide this service for only
few people, and I don't want them to have an account on the system. Well, they
can have a pop3 account, but no other access whatsoever...

I don 't like the idea of giving them an account and setting their shell to /bin/false. So my question is: "Is it possible to create a pop3 account without
needing to modify the /etc/passwd file?"

thanks in advance,

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