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RE: Execute binaries from an encrypted file system

> From: Haim Ashkenazi [mailto:haim@consonet.com]
> When making an encrypted file system (AES on both occasion) everything
> works great except I can't run binaries (or even shell scripts without
> running "bash <script>") that are inside the encrypted file system.
> there is no "noexec" option in "fstab", and I even tried to add exec
> option but it didn't work. 
> So is this a limitation of the encrypted file system or there is a way
> around that?

Not answering your problem, but I have the same behaviour here. (Debian sid,
kernel 2.4.19)
noexec is not mentionned in my /etc/fstab for that filesystem
Thouh "mount" reports (as the /etc/mtab does too):
/path/to_file/cryptofile on /mnt/crypto type ext2 \

Looks like the noexec option is automatically added at mount time?


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