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RE: Bypassing proxies

> > Wondering if some people know of some "content-aware" 
> proxies/filters, to
> > attempt to block [some of] those dangerous products (apart 
> from maintaining
> > a black-list...)
> Since the traffic is encrypted, content filtering
> will not trigger. 

Thats true for HTTPS, not HTTP.
And still, encrypted traffic could be filtered based on other criterias than
content analysis.

> > Certainly, it will always be possible to encapsulate 
> anything in HTML very
> > sharply, but some filtering could be made still? 
> If you allow traffic between the client and the
> Internet at all, tunneling will always be
> possible.

Indeed. But i believe some things could be filtered in some cases, and are

> > (Maybe even run a browser on the proxy and have it check it 
> is able to
> > display what goes through? sounds a bit freak, doesn't it?)
> Why do you allow people to install software on the
> clients, if you don't trust them.

people do what they please.
my job is [to try] to keep the network secure, in spite of users installing

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